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Neterra encourages ethical hackers

На български

Neterra is aware of the need for high protection of its information systems and exerts efforts to prevent incidents in the information security of the platforms maintained by the company.

We encourage and incentivize ethical cybersecurity professionals who find vulnerability in the digital protection of data contained in our information systems.

If you find breaches in the information systems maintained by us - sites, servers, etc., please report them to email [email protected].

Our IT team will review your signal and will get back to you with our feedback.

Depending on the reliability of the report sent to us, and in view of the degree of danger of the discovered vulnerability in the security of our platforms, you will be rewarded for your valuable efforts.

If the vulnerability report sent by you is useful for our company and helps us to improve the security of our products and services, you will receive a prize of up to € 100 (one hundred euros) from us.

We believe that together with you we will achieve the desired high level of digital security.